Cs8100 3 D 4

We see our patients in 3D, so it only makes sense to see their teeth that way too. Three-dimensional imaging gives us the best possible view of the patient’s anatomy and, unlike 2D imaging, removes any guesswork or doubt.

Three-dimensional imaging is now the standard of care when planning implants. CBCT systems provide a wide range of fields of view to cover all your implant indications.

A Conebeam CT scan is a type of x-ray that creates 3-D images of dental structures, soft tissue, nerves and bone. It helps guide implant placement and evaluates cysts and tumours in the mouth and face. It can also detect problems in the gum, roots of teeth, and jaws. The Conebeam CT machine rotates around the patient’s head, capturing all data in one single rotation.

Carestream Dental units incorporate all the technologies we need for the best possible results at the lowest dose of radiation by combining high frequency generators, state-of-the-art sensors and image processing. This leads to improved 3D image resolution — up to 75 microns — enabling us to see the smallest details of root and canal morphology. High-precision images give us a more accurate view of our patients’ dental anatomy for improved diagnostics and treatment.